A call for all Bafokeng Graduates and Professionals.

The Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) will be hosting the first colloquium aimed at pulling all Bafokeng graduates and professionals in different fields to come together under one roof. These include all graduates and professionals from Bafokeng area that are currently residing and working within the area as well as beyond our jurisdiction.

The idea of hosting a colloquium came into being after a realization of a need to establish advisory and consultative bodies that will ensure that RBN is positioned as an intellectual hub and innovative community towards Plan ’35.

In light of that, we take pleasure in inviting you to form part of this important event. The event is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date : 20 October 2012
Venue : Bafokeng Civic Centre
Time : 10H00 (starting time)

You are hereby requested to confirm your attendance on or before the 17th of October 2012 by contacting Lekgetho Matlhaga on telephone (014) 566 1333 or via email lekgetho [at] bafokeng [dot] com

Posted on October 4, 2012
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